I'm Amanda Miklik.


So, have you ever been using a website or some other tech thing and thought to yourself,

"it shouldn't be this difficult!!!"

Yeah? Me too. And it's even more frustrating when it matters.


Like when an immigrant is applying to become a citizen. Or a first-generation college student is trying to figure out how they will pay for school.


Technology should not get in the way of people getting what they need.


I've studied how people learn and do things using technology and I've assembled some technical chops because I believe I have some work to do solving tech problems for social good.


You can call me a Content Strategist or an Instructional Designer or a UX Writer but the bottom line is this:

I care about people.

Bad tech keeps people from getting what they need.

I'm working to change that.

If I'm speaking your language, reach out! I promise, I'm nice. :)